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We always provide two professional DJ’s, allowing us to make sure everything goes according to your plans, and all runs smoothly for the duration of your event. Kevin and Alan, our two DJ’s will make sure you and your guests have the greatest time at your function, and will, at your request, help co-ordinate the various activities and formalities during the event.

We like to make sure that everyone knows what’s happening, and when, for instance, the buffet is now available, or, the cake is about to be cut etc.
Alan and Kevin have worked together for more than 25 years as DJ’s, and so, work together perfectly to make sure your event runs seamlessly, professionally, and a superb time is had by all.

Our music collection, which is with us during every event, consists of, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s bringing us right up to date with the very latest releases this week.
Why not have a themed 70’s or 80’s night, a Halloween special night, or a Valentines party?
Whatever you want, we can do it - We cater for ‘all’ age groups, from 5 to 85
We always have 2 back up music playout systems, all loaded with the same selection of excellent music, to make sure that whatever situation arises, you will always have a great party, with no interruptions.
Our main aim, is for you and your guests to have a wonderful time, that will always be remembered with a big smile.